Credit Repair

Secure Your Future with Our Effective Credit Repair Solutions

CCS offers comprehensive credit repair solutions that protect you from a bad credit score. We’re experts in rebuilding credit. In just a short time, you’ll be able to qualify for a mortgage or personal loan. We also help you obtain positive credit tradelines. Overcome your challenging financial situation with our help.

Affordable Credit Restoration Packages

You can have a fresh credit profile in 90 days or less. Choose one of our four packages with our lowest-price guarantee. Call us today for all the details.

Bronze Level Package
This package is good for developing a strong credit profile with time. It helps you obtain a credit card and an apartment rental. It requires one AU (authorized user), and you also receive a CPN (credit privacy number).Silver Level Package
This package is ideal for credit cards, apartment rentals, and automobile purchases. It comes with buying power, a CPN, and a piggyback tradeline. It requires one AU.
Gold Level Package
This package is for funding purposes. It helps you obtain a high credit balance and make a major purchase, such as buying a luxury car. It comes with a CPN and a tradeline, and it requires two AUs.Platinum Package
Our top package is great for personal guarantor loans. It combines the features of our other three packages with even more benefits. It comes with a CPN, two tradelines, and requires three AUs.

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Obtain a Credit Privacy Number

Receive a new secondary credit number (SCN) or credit privacy number (CPN) from us. These can be used to start fresh with a clean credit profile. An SCN or CPN is also used for transactions that would require credit reporting. You are still legally responsible for any transactions or obligations secured with your SCN. Please note that this number does not replace your social security number. It should not be used for any government purpose, including, but not limited to:

  • Taxes
  • Child Support
  • Military Matters
  • Social Security Administration
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Government-Backed Funding
  • Federal Housing Administration Loans
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Loans


Authorized Users & Tradelines

We are here to help you regain and improve the power of your credit score. You can rely on a forward-thinking company that offers credit restoration and repair at competitive rates. We arrange tradelines, and give you the opportunity to add authorized users to your credit card.



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